The SAVING Consortium as part of its objectives, seeks among other things to;

  1. Build capacity for supply chain response to new technologies as well as improve on mechanisms for equipping patients with information on new medical technologies
  2. Build institutional capacity in and enhance evidence-based decision-making through Health Technology Assessment (HTA), that will establish a system for adding new vaccines to Ghana’s Standard Treatment Guidelines.
  3. Strengthen human resource capacity in the procurement and supply chain mechanisms for vaccines and new medical interventions.

In order to achieve these objectives, the work package 3 (which is being implemented by the Ministry of Health) developed two policy briefs, one for capacity building on supply chain adaptivity to new technologies and another on capacity building for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) on vaccines in Ghana.

Please click on the links below for these documents:

Policy Brief- Supply Chain Capacity building

Policy Brief- Vaccine HTA Capacity building